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New Light Spiritual Coaching

New Light Spiritual Coaching can help align and connect you with your goals, understand where you are and where you want to go.

Then together we will develop a plan and start on the road toward your best self.

Stages of my Spiritual Coaching Program:

First Stage - Clarity and Understanding. We examine where you are at and where you want to be. Where is the gap? What are the blocks, patterns, and existing beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors delaying success.

Average time: 4 sessions.

Second Stage - Receptivity. I will help you move into a place of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical readiness to begin. We strive for clarity of purpose, understanding of the road ahead and our means of moving forward. We map out the journey, clear blockages, and become ready to move forward.

Average time: 2 sessions.

Third Stage - Implementation: We start the journey, implementing the necessary routines, actions, mindset, emotions, expectations, and spiritual practices to safely and effectively move forward.

Average time: 4 sessions.

We will focus on your self perception via an in-depth process that includes discussion, writing/journaling and meditation. If prayer is part of your belief system, we will include prayer; or affirmations may be substituted.

We include deep dives into your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states and develop processes in all these areas that, when implemented, will help you move forward toward your goals.

We will look at your relationships with yourself, other people, money, and much more.

We will look at love, purpose and what success looks like to you.

Fourth Stage - Outcomes Manifested: This is when the actions are proactively and consistently being taken, commitment is reinforced, outcomes are manifesting, and progress is clearly seen and experienced.

Average time: 2 sessions.


Because clients' rates of progress will vary, I offer two, three or four month plans consisting of weekly meetings of one hour.

Packages & Contracts: $1500/2 months, $2100/3 months, $2500/4 months, and can be paid via Venmo or Paypal.

Sessions are conducted via client's choice of Zoom, FaceTime or phone.